BPA// Berlin program for artists


BPA facilitates exchange between emerging and experienced Berlin-based artists.



BPA arranges bimonthly meetings between participants and mentors. Activities take place in the studios of artists involved with the program rather than in a fixed location. The program unfolds over two years and is punctuated by a range of public events, organized in partnership with both artist-run spaces and renowned institutions.

KW Institute for Contemporary Art regularly hosts BPA Talks –public presentations by BPA artists – and in August 2021, BPA Exhibitions took place there for the first time. 

Participation in BPA is free of charge and participants receive support to produce new work.



Guest Mentors 2021

Guest Mentors 2020

Guest Mentors 2019

Guest Mentors 2018

  • Julieta Aranda
  • Claudia Comte
  • Mariana Castillo Deball
  • Maurin Dietrich
  • Richard Frater
  • Christian Friedrich
  • Flora Klein
  • Pablo Larios
  • Keto Logua
  • Ibrahim Mahama
  • Michaela Melian
  • Matt Mullican
  • Ahmet Öğüt
  • Judy Radul
  • Karin Sander
  • Yorgos Sapountzis
  • Jerszy Seymour
  • Tobias Spichtig
  • Slavs and Tatars
  • Shabahang Tayyari

Guest Mentors 2017

Guest Mentor 2016

  • Saim Demircan


Participants 2021-2022

Participants 2019-2020

Participants 2018

Participants 2016 (Pilot)


Ideal applicants would have recently completed a masters-level education or be able to present artwork of a comparable level. Applicants must be living and working in Berlin during the two-year BPA cycle, and be able to present their work from their own workspace. BPA meetings take place from January until December, with a summer-break from July till October. Participation in all meetings throughout the year is expected: on approximately 15 Mondays there are individual studio visits in the day and group meetings in the late afternoon, and there are 3-4 additional full-day events. Participation in BPA is not compatible with full-time studies or participation in similar programs. BPA is neither a residency nor a school – it does not provide studio space or any kind of qualification on completion.


The open call for BPA’s 2022 – 2023 cycle has ended.

Long listed applicants will be notified on October 24th and are expected to be available for a 10-minute Zoom interview on October 26th between 09:00 and 19:00 h.



BPA// Simon Denny, Berlin Blue, (2020)

Simon Denny, Berlin Blue, (2020)
Reactive print on silk
100 x 100 cm
Edition of 80 + 10 APs
€420– (incl. VAT + shipping)

Simon Denny’s Berlin Blue (2020) reframes industry, invention and locality in a new silk scarf design.

This unique edition channels formats developed in Denny’s “Document Relief” series, which uses corporate patent applications to shed light on unseen developments in tech, and in his sculptures made earlier this year from the politically loaded scarf collection of Margaret Thatcher.

Berlin Blue overlays an image of the Tesla “Gigafactory” currently being built outside Berlin with drawings from two recently filed battery patents, one by Tesla and the other by Silicon Valley energy storage giant Natron. The latter describes a product that uses Prussian Blue – also referred to as ‘Berlin Blue’– a synthetic pigment developed in Berlin in the early 1700s that became famously popular among artists. Recently, this chemical compound has emerged as a lucrative alternative to cobalt: a controversial key ingredient in electric batteries, known to rely on supply chains linked to unjust mining practices, child labor, and contested trade monopolies.

Designed in faux Cyanotype, a photographic process also derived from Prussian Blue, the scarf overlays claims to technological development directly over Berlin. Through the occupation of place, abstract notions of intellectual property become tangible as powers with real impact within a changing city.  As part of a program that provides infrastructure for artists, Berlin Blue highlights the complex interplay of forces shaping Berlin in 2020.

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All proceeds of this edition sale support BPA’s free program.


BPA Friends is a varied group of advocates and allies of BPA// Berlin program for artists, formed to support ongoing exchange between emerging and established artists.


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